Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 21 – Project 20 Minutes/21 Days – A brief summary

Activities – run, run, yoga, hike, hike, yoga, yoga, yoga, walk, walk, yoga, yoga, bike, yoga, bike, yoga, yoga, yoga, bike, walk, walk…

Waistline: belly flap is less…flappy?!

Scale says: 5 lbs lighter (good news considering that I had gained some 50 lbs during my pregnancy with Keegan.) 10 lbs more to go! Whoop, Whoop!

Overall Evaluation: I do look and feel trimmer (skinny jeans, here I come). And, actually doing 20 minutes of exercise felt more like a walk in the park (and sometimes was literally was a walk in the park) than real exercise. I do have to admit that it was finding those extra 20 minutes a day that I found challenging. It sometimes meant ignoring the pile of dishes that needed to be done to go pedal on the bike or pushing the toys away in the playroom to do yoga in a less then Zen environment. It also sometimes involved using Keegan as a free weight, or having all 32 lbs of Jake on my back because it’s fun to ride Mommy during Sun Salutations. And, while sometimes it was difficult to get myself into gear, once I did it I felt a whole lot better. The mantra being…NO EXCUSES!

As for 21 days to make it a habit? Well, I guess it does…in part. In the last week I wasn’t exactly forcing myself to do exercise. It’s kind of become a part of my regular routine. I do 20 minutes of yoga after I drop off Jake at daycare and in the evening Jake, Keegan and I go for a 20 minute stroll around the neighbourhood. Easy!

But, in his infinite words of wisdom, my hubby told me the other day that you know you’re addicted when you love something so much you are unable to give it up. This would definitely apply to my kids, my hubby and my morning coffee…not so much to my exercise routine. I do like it! I like when the scale tells me that I’m one pound lighter than I was yesterday. I may even love some aspects of it! I love the fact that I may not have to wear Spanx to that function I have next week. But, I don’t love it. Not yet anyway. But, I’ll keep on trying…J

Part 1 - Project 20 Minutes for 21 Days

Happy Baby Poses!

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