Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 16 - Saying Goodbye: Airport Confessions

Yesterday we drove Papa to the airport. He’s off to Europe for three weeks and saying goodbye is never easy.

A lot of people ask me how I manage a relationship with someone that travels more than seven months out of the year.

Well, here it is. When I first started dating my future hubby I was miserable. Dropping him off at the airport was like something out of a sappy movie. We hugged and cried, and then, we hugged some more and we cried some more. When we were apart we spoke on the phone for hours on end (our phone bill was astronomical). I would wake up sad and go to bed sad. It was like my life stood still while he was away. It didn’t take me long to realize that I couldn’t live this way. I had to regain some sense of normalcy in my life because I couldn’t live with all the drama the situation created. It was either we part ways for good or I had to change my whole attitude and outlook on the situation. And, since by that time I had fallen head over tea kettle for the bugger, I had decided on option two. It was a very conscience and rational decision on my part.

From that day on my whole view of our situation did transform because I decided to look at it differently. On the one hand, I could stay a sad love sick puppy, on the other, I could decide to just be happy. I was after all lucky enough to snag myself an incredibly passionate and determined person that would never let anything or anyone keep him from achieving his dreams. I certainly wasn’t going to be the one to stand in his way.

My hubby’s drive inspired me to focus on finishing school and then my career. We each supported each other in our separate endeavours from afar. And, when we were together, we managed to find time to buy a house, get married and have two children. It’s funny how a change of perspective can change everything…

And, how is it now, after eight years, and with two children to add to the mix?

After dropping Papa off at the airport we were all a little out of sorts. This part never really gets easier. But, after a good night sleep we all woke up refreshed and happy. And, life continues as usual. While, Keegan is still too young to notice that his Papa is gone, Jake is used to it now. He understands it’s for good reason. According to Jake, “Papa is going to bring us back a treasure chest of gold medals!”

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  1. Hey Steph, cool blog. Love the photo of Kegan in the laundry pile!! too funny. I'm on blogger too, what a coincidence we signed up for the same one