Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 14 - Rain, Rain, We Love Rain!

The sunshine and warm weather have gone away, the beaches are closed and vacation time is over. The everlasting days of summer are gone and the drizzly gloominess of fall is upon us. On these days, it’s tempting to huddle inside where it is warm and dry and to hibernate under the covers. But, with kids, day after day of huddling inside can quickly lead to cabin fever! Arts and crafts, board games, puzzles, and TV can only get you so far.  With everyone cooped up inside there is bound to be pent up energy (and not to mention crankiness) that needs to be released.

My question is: why do we insist on staying inside when it’s raining?

Drizzly fall days are a great opportunity to get outside, to explore nature, and to make important discoveries. It’s just a matter of putting on a rain jacket and a pair rain boots! When I was a child, there was something magical about those days. The sound of the rain falling in the trees, the color of the changing leaves amplified by the flat light, the sweet, musty smell of the rotting leaves, and not to mention the wildlife that seemed to come alive in the wet weather. On those days I would jump in puddles, try to find the funniest looking mushrooms, pick the reddest leaves, listen to the birds, and make mud cakes. After a couple of hours outside, I would come in all wet, dirty and tuckered-out. My mom would strip me down, wrap me in a warm blanket, and give me something warm to drink. It was total bliss!

I still enjoy those days! But, what I love best is sharing them with Jake (Keegan is still too young). I always love seeing Jake’s sense of exploration and the way he lights up when he discovers something new. He also loves the rain. It doesn’t bother him a single bit! And, like his mommy he finds those puddles irresistible!

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