Friday, April 15, 2011

Day ?? - Winter Hiatus

I would like to apologize to all my readers for the unforeseen winter hiatus. I wish I could say that my reasons that kept me from writing were justifiable, but what it really boiled down to was pure and utter laziness. Or if you really want an excuse: the devil took me to paradise and forced me to live a life of idleness and gluttony!

Let me explain. One day in the November my hubby unexpectedly suggested that we spend the winter with him in Europe. Needless to say I was excited. I always had a romanticized idea of living in a foreign country and living a life of leisure. But, that idea didn’t involve two small children or having to lug them across the Atlantic Ocean all by myself. A small detail that in my mind could be easily overcome.

Come December I packed up my wee ones, strapped the baby to my back, strapped the toddler to the stroller, travelled 12 hours in a stuffy airplane (plus one long connexion) and arrived in beautiful Kirchberg, Austria.  (Kirchberg happens to be the home away from home of the Canadian Alpine ski team and where my hubby spends most of his time training.) And, trust me, the hours cooped up in the airplane and hauling my children and bags across airports to make connexions was worth it.

Our little family literally hibernated for two glorious months. We all snuggled in our tiny Euro style apartment surrounded by snow covered mountains, temperate weather, speck, chocolate, apple strudel, cappuccinos, marzipan, sausage and an abundance of Weiss beer and red wine. I was in Heaven! Pure utter bliss! It was as if we were in some sort of time warp where all notions of time and responsibility vanished. We played in the snow, skied and ate until our bellies were full…did I mention that we had a cook?

Don’t get me wrong, I fully did intend to write. I even had a computer and Internet access. But, for some reason I couldn’t be bothered to even log on to computer, let alone write. I mean…can you blame me?

Christmas in Europe!

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