Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 23 - A Mothers Guilt

People always talk about how great it is to have children. It is great! It’s more than great! It’s amazing and wonderful! Sometimes, however, there are those rare occasions where everything isn’t so wonderful. Those are the days where it just feels like its one long chain of messes, tantrums, whines, screams, and screeches after another. The tried, tested and true naughty spot is no longer effective. And, you feel like tossing your Supernanny Guide to Child Rearing Success out the window or maybe just calling her to see if she is available to babysit for a while.

All kidding aside, there are those days where you simply feel tired, frustrated and overwhelmed! You feel like you’re a terrible mother and like you’re not cutting it. And, to make matters worse you feel guilty it. But, I would argue that most moms feel this way at some point in time (just add it to the long list of things they don’t tell you about mommyhood).  After all, parenthood and motherhood isn’t all sunshine and roses all the time. It’s hard work! While it’s a totally rewarding and fulfilling job, there are just some days where you would like to call in sick because you would just rather curl-up on the couch for an uninterrupted day of reading or to catch-up on the latest season of Gossip Girl (when was the last time you did that?).

But, I think that the number one rule to getting through mommyhood is to remove the guilt and to give yourself a break. Let’s face it, these little buggers know how to push your buttons and pull your strings from the moment they come out of our womb. And, while we may love our little monsters to bits, they can drive us crazy from time to time! I’m telling you it’s ok to feel unmotivated, emotional, drained, or on the verge of a total meltdown. It happens! It doesn’t make you a bad mom either. It’s also ok to take a break from time to time…maybe you need a whole day off. Heck! Some of us may need an entire vacation on another continent to recharge batteries and to gain perspective. I’m telling you that it’s ok! And, that it’s nothing to feel guilty about!

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